The Resurgence of Artisan Fabrics Through Fusion with Technology University College London & London College of Fashion

In collaboration with University College London and London College of Fashion, I conceptualised, designed and prototyped an artisanal shoe with integrated technology to provide extended comfort to the wearer.

The aim of this project was to combine elements that tend to be contrasting – artisanal Sri Lankan craft and innovative technologies focussed on providing advanced comfort to wearers.  The project was created with both the end user and the artisanal crafts sector in mind and it is meant to benefit both.

INNOVATIVE product development combining design aesthetic sensibilities

Integration of technology for comfort combined with beautiful artisan indigenous fabrics aims to deliver an aesthetically beautiful product, which will benefit the user and innovate ailing crafts.

The technology also allows us to measure feedback from the wearers and integrate different massage patterns into the shoes that can be accessed via a smartphone application.

By actively monitoring feedback and continually working on new development based on that feedback, we can continue to iterate and better improve the design.

Current projects in work:

  • Internet of Things – Fashion
  • NFC Applications in Fashion
  • Arduino, Sensors & Interactive Tech